We take great pride in informing all of the Jamjoom Pharma team members that the Patent Offices of the US and PCT have published the first Jamjoom Pharma Formulation Related Patent, recently.

A patent application filed under the PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) is called an International Application, or PCT Application.

The Patents can be checked on the web with the following details:

  • PCT publication no.: WO 2011/083402 A2
  • US Publication no .: US 2011/0171295 A1

Details of the Patent:

Title: Immediate Release Compositions of Acid-Labile Drugs.


Muneera Mohamed Shafee, Thusleem Omar Abdulgani, Saleem Zainuddin Shaikh and Anand Vasantharao Kondaguli.

All of the names mentioned above are members of the Research & Development Department, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals.

Ruckmani Kandasamy

Ms. Kandasamy is a Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology, Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India.

Highlights of the Patent:

The patent is an extremely significant contribution from Jamjoom Pharma team and holds considerable future commercial potential. At the patient level it should bring benefit to those suffering from Nocturnal Acidosis by bringing relief at a faster rate than the products available today.

Please join us in congratulating the members of our team who are instrumental in bringing glory and respect to the name of Jamjoom Pharma.