New State of the art
Jamjoom Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Plant
Jamjoom Pharmaceutical company, a leading Pharma company in the region, enhances its manufacturing capabilities by addition of Softgel Capsules plant.
This facility it is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the rest of GCC.  Our company has made major investment in this facility which can be rated among the top of the range Softgel manufacturing and packaging facilities in the world.

Advantages of Soft Gelatin Capsules

  • High Compatibility
  • Easy swallow, neutral taste
  • Product differentiation through variety of colors and shapes
  • Tamper proof and tamper evident
  • Encapsulation of solids in suspensions
  • Encapsulation of liquids and solution of different polarity
  • Fast absorption less irritation in GI track
  • Excellent Pharmacokinetics/Bio-availability
  • Content uniformity
  • Survey carried out in America shows that 44.2% of the consumers like Softgel capsule better than other dosage forms.

Guaranteed Highest Quality Rating as products are manufactured to Pharma grade standards.

  • GMP certification: Being GMP certified means that Jamjoom’s production environment meets the requirements for manufacturing medicines.
  • Laboratory testing: The quality inspection intervenes in all flow levels(processing) of materials. Top class laboratory instruments and  ultra specialized personnel have been allocated to certify all stages of production.
  • Quality Assurance : Fully development Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments consisting of well qualified team.
  • With new S-FDA regulations in force for dietary supplements, Jamjoom follows strict regulatory guidelines in order to alleviate consumer concerns on quality and efficacy of products.

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