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Voltic - D Tablet
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Voltic - D Tablet

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Active substance: diclofenac free acid. Each tablet contains 46.5mg of diclofenac free acid, which is equivalent to 50mg of diclofenac sodium. Voltic-D dispersible tablets, specifically designed to disintegrate quickly in water, yielding a tasteless suspension of diclofenac free acid. The suspension is to be taken orally.

Voltic-D is indicated in the treatment of: Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis non-articular rheumatism. Acute musculoskeletal disorders and back pain. Painful syndromes of the vertebral column. Relief of pain in acute trauma and fractures. Control of pain and inflammation in orthopaedic, dental and other surgeries Painful inflammatory conditions in gynaecology and primary dysmenorrhoea .Acute attacks of gout.

Pack sizes:

Voltic-D  50mg in a box of 20 Dispersible tablets .