Jamjoom Pharma is very conscious about the environmental footprint due to its operations, therefore it takes care of waste management and maximize the resource utilization
Compliance of government legal and regulatory standards is considered as the minimum requirement by Jamjoom Pharma. Because of high standard of compliance, Jamjoom Pharma enjoys a high reputation and is considered as one of the most responsible environmental conscious company.
Waste Management
All the waste which is generated is identified and categorized according to the nature of waste. Maximum effort is put to dispose the waste in environmental friendly manner that is recycling and only the hazardous waste is incinerated and land filled.
Waste Minimization
Continuous efforts are afoot to minimize the waste. All types of wastes are monitored and targets are set to minimize them at the source of generation.
Energy Efficiency
One of our ongoing target to minimize the energy usage. Steps are taken at the design stage for efficient energy utilization and then through routine monitoring it is ensured.
Resource Utilization
All the resources are used diligently and target are set to further reduce the utilization as continuous improvement. We believe in minimizing environmental footprint due to our operations.
Spillage Control
We do our best efforts through design and training the people to avoid any kind of spillage, but in case of inadvertent incident of spillage, arrangements are in place to control and dispose of the spillage to minimize the environmental impact.