We protect the health and well-being of our employees so that they are safe from any work related illness and live and work to their maximum potential.
Ergonomics and Workplace Environment
All the facilities and workstations are designed to take care of ergonomic capabilities. Best standards for workplace temperature, lighting and air quality is implemented to maximize the well-being of staff. All potential stressful ergonomic activities are also assessed and implemented controls to minimize the impact on employees.
Health Surveillance
All the employees according to their job nature go through Health Surveillance program to ensure that there is no negative impact of job activities on their health.
Protection from Chemicals and Noise
Facilities and equipment are designed to minimize the chemicals and noise exposure to the employees due to operations. Risk assessments are carried out to identify the types of chemicals, their effects on the employee and then specific measures are taken for protection. Routine monitoring is in place to ensure that controls are in place. However, when there is any potential exposure, Personal Protective Equipment are used as a last resort for personal protection.
Workplace Smoking
Smoking is prohibited inside the facilities. Designated smoking areas have been provided for workplace smoking.