We take care of the safety of our employees, contractors and visitors by implementing highest standards of Safety as far as applicable. We believe in safety by design and follow the proactive approach by carrying out the risk assessments and identifying the near misses following the correct safety behaviors.
EHS Governance
EHS Management System is in place. EHS is governed by EHS council comprising of the company senior management and then implemented through EHS committee and EHS representatives.
EHS Policy
Jamjoom Pharma EHS Policy shows the commitment for EHS at the top level. The JP EHS policy gives clear direction for EHS targets and objectives for continual improvement.
EHS Culture
Jamjoom Pharma considers the EHS behaviors as the foundation to develop sustainable EHS culture. EHS behaviors are reinforced through continuous training and reporting the potential unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.
Safety by Design
All the new projects and amendments in the existing plants go through EHS assessment to ensure that all the facilities, equipment and processes meet the EHS standards. After the completion of project, Pre Start up Safety Review is conducted to ensure that all the EHS requirements are incorporated in new projects and amendments.
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment of all the routine and non-routine activities is carried out to identify the potential hazards. This proactive approach is followed to ensure that the existing controls are enough and effective.
Emergency Response Planning
All the foreseeable process risks are assessed and controls are in place such as State of the art Fire Fighting system is installed, alarms detectors and sprinklers are in place, even then, to meet any emergency situation, Emergency Response Plan is prepared for different scenarios and employees trained on the Plan.
Machinery Safety
As high speed machinery is installed, so access to any moving part is controlled through interlocked guarding and Lock out Tag out procedures.
EHS Audits and Inspections
To ensure that all the safety rules, requirements, procedures and controls are effective, EHS audits and inspections are carried out. EHS audits and inspections identify the gaps and give the opportunity to improve the standards to further level.